Slicing After Nerfs – Is It Still Worth It?

Anyone who picked up Slicing as their choice of crew skills, and many others who didn’t probably already know the credit income has been significantly reduced in the last The Old Republic patch. However, from what most players report the numbers are still high enough and this crew skills is still very profitable:

Current Stats:

  • Missions: 126
  • Total Mission Time: 42.6 Hours
  • Overall Profit per Mission Minute: 23.76

Top Five Missions in order of ROI:

  • Taking Back Control (37/min) (Rich Class 5, 27 samples)
  • The Fly on the Wall (35/min) (Rich Class 5, 20 samples)
  • Be Careful What You Read (19/min) (Bountiful Class 4, 12 samples)
  • Droid Madness (20/min) (Abundant Class 3, 6 samples)
  • Take The Money and Run (19/min) (Moderate Class 3, 4 samples)

I’d say these stats you see above tell a simple story: Slicing is still good for making credits. Read up a few of our tips on maximizing slicing income and you likely won’t be disappointed with your credits gain. In case you need to learn how to earn credits in SWTOR with other means, give a shot at WealthyHutts, it’s worth it.

In short, if you want to make credits slicing is still very good. At least for the time being.

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How To Maximize Slicing Income

For many of you who picked up slicing as your choice of crew skill, you did the right thing!

You’re probably on your way to your first million credits, or perhaps even better, but the following short guide will explain to you how you can maximize the credits gain from Slicing, just in case you’re still short on cash.

If you have any of your own useful tips or secrets be sure to add them in the comments section below!

1. Try not to queue anything less than a Bountiful Yield mission.

Even Bountiful Yield missions 2 or more tiers below your current one have higher yields than moderate/abundant ones at your current slicing level. The mission Yields go Wealthy (discovery purple) > Prosperous (discovery blue) > Rich > Bountiful > Abundant > Moderate. Mission Discoveries for slicing don’t seem to pay off, so avoid unless you want augments.

If you don’t have a Bountiful or Rich Yield Mission available, queue a lower class mission.

2. Try to stagger companion return so you have time to select a Bountiful/Rich mission.

Missions seem to be shuffled upon companions completing a mission or you completing any other mission (more investigation needed here). If you have to, queue a Class 1 mission to shuffle up your mission selection.

3. While leveling, orange colored missions have a chance of failure. Grey missions provide no skill ups.

Class 6 missions are either broken, or don’t work because of my skill level. I’ll be leveling another alt and collecting detailed data on the level up process soon.

You can view the exact numbers in this spreadsheet. Hopefully it helps!

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WealthyHutts SWTOR Credits Guide

The best SW:TOR credit making guide

Note: since WealthyHutts is no longer available for download I recommend you take a look at my review of Killerguides (it’s even better anyway!).

WealthyHutts is the name of the newest SWTOR guide specifically written on the topic of making credits. There are plenty of other strategy, leveling and mastery guides that include information on making credits as well, but this one doesn’t waste time on any of that and goes straight to the good stuff. As such, it includes the most detailed SWTOR credits making guide I’ve found to date.

The author of WealthyHutts has clearly been playing this game for a long time and known the classes and economy all too well. WealthyHutts guide features excellent beginner guides which can be used on any class to start making credits as early as level 1. In fact it gives you a few tips on how to pick up crew skills immediately after creating your character as well, which not many players know about. It doesn’t matter which planet you’re starting on, WealthyHutts has you covered with best farming locations and loot drops which will blow your mind.

While it may seem insignificant, having enough credits all the time is pretty important in The Old Republic. You’ll be able to afford any gear and equipment you like thus making sure you can quickly level up and do well in PvP, do those heroic missions without having to look for other players, and even have a blast in flashpoints.

Wealthy Hutts includes numerous strategies and tricks you can employ to increase your credit income significantly. Nobody else will spend hundreds of hours of gameplay to teach you these things, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and get WealthyHutts guide now.

Note: since WealthyHutts is no longer available for download I recommend you take a look at my review of Killerguides (it’s even better anyway!).

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Which Crew Skills Are Most Profitable?

Pretty much every SWTOR player I talked to is very excited by crew skills. More than often professions are just a needless grind in other games, but BioWare seems to have struck gold here and actually managed to make them fun. Everyone’s going to be picking up their favorite crew skills, and while some are recommended for particular classes, a lot of times players simply want to pick up the most profitable ones. So, if you’re interested in making credits rather than equipping your character with the best equipment, or perhaps even both, hopefully this post will guide to you the right direction.

First of all, some basics about SWTOR crew skills. You can pick only 1 crafting skill. Along with that, you can choose to learn either two gathering skills, two mission skills, or one of each, for a total of 3 different crew skills (professions, tradeskills; however you want to call them).

My recommendation is that you always pick the crew skills that benefit your class the most, especially crafting ones. The following pic (source) should give you a great idea which crew skills are interconnected and recommended for particular classes:

Now that you know which skills are recommended for your class, consider how many players are their considering the same. Data in the image below will show you which professions are most popular.

Why is this data important? Because if 30% of all players pick up Artifice as their crafting skills, the market will surely get saturated and the prices on the Galactic Trade Network (auction house) will likely be as low as possible, thus making profit from that profession will be hard.

Armormech for example is beneficial to Smugglers, Troopers, Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters, which consist of almost 45% of all players, yet only 10% of them take this crafting skill. Scavenging and Investigation, the two gathering and mission skills which are related to Armormech aren’t too popular with players as well. By that logic, taking Armormech as your profession would be a good idea because of the following:

  1. the demand for crafted armor will surely exist, especially since we’re talking about non-force users, i.e. 45% of all players
  2. more demand means higher prices on the GTN
  3. you can also create armor for your own character instead of buying it expensively from other players.

This is just one way of looking at it. Of course, the numbers may not be the same for every server, and things may change over time as they often do, so take a special note of that.

During SWTOR’s beta testing, Slicing was by far the most profitable crew skill, however it has been nerfed significantly lately and isn’t nearly as profitable as it used to. Slicing doesn’t even provide any materials for crafting skills, but rather just items and credits, so it’s a good pick up still if you want to make credits, but not if you need to purchase items from the auction house in order to level up your crafting skills.

Scavenging provides components for Armortech, Armstech, and Cybertech crafting skills, making the demand for those materials very high. However, about 26% of players will be taking Scavenging as their gathering skill of choice, which also means there should be a lot of inexpensive materials sold.

Lastly, Bioanalysis provide materials only for Biochem crafting skill, neither of which is overly popular. Whether the demand will be high is yet to be seen: most high-level guilds will probably have their own dedicated potion crafters so it might be hard to turn a profit on the auction house. However, it’s yet to be seen in which way the economy develops.


  • Slicing will most likely still be great for making credits without much effort.
  • Take crafting skills from which your character can benefit! Even if you don’t sell products like crazy, you’ll craft your own items and won’t have to spend credits on them, basically evening it out.
  • It will take probably a few months for the economy and prices to stabilize.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. I only wish I could post one of the dozens of great crew skill tips from SWTOR credit guides I read. You’ll learn a lot more from these guides and I honestly recommend you check at least one out.

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Killerguides SWTOR Credits Guide Review

Killerguides is one of the most recommended guide publishers when it comes to various online games, not just Star Wars: The Old Republic. They have nearly twenty SWTOR guides in their arsenal covering many aspects of this game, but what we’re most interested in is of course the guide for making credits.

Killerguides SWTOR Credit Guide is a pretty detailed compilation of information helping you earn your first few millions, and more. Most of the tips inside are aimed at beginners and low-level players, which is what most players are interested in anyway. By using their credit making strategies and tactics outlined inside the guide you can be sure to be able to purchase anything you like without a doubt.

It includes great information on crew skills, SWTOR’s version of professions and tradeskills. If you want to know which crafting skills are best for making credits, or which gathering skills yield materials that are in constant demand, this guide will answer your questions in great detail.

This SWTOR credits guide also includes very useful tips on making credits via the Galactic Trade Network, which is The Old Republic’s auction house. You’ll immediately know which items are sought after and how much they sell for, in turn making sure you get the most profit possible when selling items, or find the best deals when buying them. Many locations are also noted which are known to yield great item drops which can easily be sold on the GTN.

In conclusion Killerguides SWTOR Credits Guide is definitely worth picking up! The only mistake you can make is not downloading any of their other guides, such as the highly rated leveling guide or detailed class guides. Killerguides will help you with just about anything you come across in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and with free and regular updates you can be sure these tips will work for years to come.

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Why Are Credits Important in SWTOR

In just about every MMORPG to ever be released, the player with the most money and resources is normally the winner, of course providing that he has hit the level cap in whichever game he is playing. SWTOR credits will be no different.

By making, more credits than your competition you will be able to buy or craft the best gear in the game. Making credits in SWTOR will mainly be done though completing missions and quests but also though trading and creating items.

Developers are Bioware have promised a deep crafting system. This opens to the door to certain players who like to make loads of SWTOR credits whilst they sleep. It is simple in most MMORPGS that I have played and I have always done a lot of crafting to make money and better my character. We are hoping that you will be able to craft every item in the game. This would include weapons, armour and consumables like medic kits.

There are four ways to make credits in SWTOR:

  1. Missions or quests
  2. Trading
  3. Crafting
  4. Gambling

Gambling is a new one for MMORPGS, which we know Bioware will add at some point since they feature it in nearly all their games. It will be an interesting way to make credits and some players may even become professional gamblers in SWTOR.

As always the most money is going to be made from crafting and trading since you will be selling items that every player needs and will hand over their credits for.

With the SWTOR companion system most players will not only be buying for themselves, but also their NPC companions. This will increase the market for any players who start trading. Getting into trading early is always important since you will be able to dominate certain markets. Learning about niche markets in SWTOR will have a huge increase to the amount of SWTOR credits that you make.

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SWTOR Credits – What Are They?

Star Wars: The Old Republic, or SWTOR, is a new and upcoming MMORPG game by Bioware, a leading developer of quality RPG titles. There are tons and tons of players eagerly awaiting for SWTOR to release and one of the most frequently asked questions about this game is how the economy and currency work.

In SWTOR players can gain credits which is the game’s main currency. You can obtain credits in a number of different ways: by completing quests, killing enemies, raiding or by selling items to NPC vendors or at the auction house.

This blog will focus on providing you with the best ways to farm as much credits as possible, so you can afford that epic armor and weapons and gain an edge over other players who aren’t as fortunate to stumble upon this site. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming quality and free SWTOR credit making guides that will be posted here shortly.

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